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May 14 2017, HQPlayer Desktop 3.16.3 released. Fixes playback of some streams that were previously failing. Fixes a crash that could occur after a failed stream was restarted. Fixes an issue on the Mac where there was no sound when HQPlayer was paused. May 13 2017, HQPlayer Desktop 3.16.2 released. This release fixes an issue where the playback position is incorrectly set to the start time of a stream. Also fixes an issue where the popup dialog might not be removed from the screen. May 12 2017, HQPlayer Desktop 3.16.1 released. This release fixes a small issue where the HQPlayer desktop icon might not be displayed correctly in the Dock. Also fixes an issue where the window positioning is broken when the HQPlayer dock icon is not visible. May 11 2017, HQPlayer Desktop 3.16 released. Features New improvements in the client for Mac OS X (10.11 El Capitan). New improvements in the HTML5-based client for Linux and Windows. Fixes several crashes and playback issues. Known Issues Only selected tracks in the list can be dragged and dropped. This will be fixed in a future release. The "About HQPlayer" dialog might not be displayed correctly when the HQPlayer Dock icon is not visible. Recent changes Fixes crash when browsing folders when HQPlayer is not attached to a network stream. For some users, HQPlayer Desktop might seem to be stuck in the "Loading" state with the progress bar filled to 100%. If this happens, please close HQPlayer and restart. For some users, HQPlayer might be unable to find the "History.m3u8" file when it is hosted on a public server. In this case, please try to connect to HQPlayer from the public server using the "Connect HQPlayer" button in the HQPlayer toolbar. HQPlayer will detect that the file is hosted on a public server and try to connect to it automatically. Fixes the "Join-A-Radio" feature in a recent update. Fixes the "Settings" dialog so that it appears to the right of the playlist window. Fixes the Linux client so that it will not crash when playing a live radio stream from a public server. Resets HQPlayer to its default settings when quitting or restarting HQPlayer




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Download Signalyst Hq Player Full Crack 15 [Updated] 2022
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